Friday, October 20, 2017


My son Fletcher is officially two months old (not sure how that's possible already). So I thought it would be helpful to the new and soon-to-be mamas out there for me to share my absolute must-have items for those first several weeks!


I am going to cover the most important topic first, sleep. If you are expecting, trust me you will thank me for this! The first item is the Love To Dream swaddle. While not every baby likes being swaddled, my baby does and he loves to have his arms in an upright position. It's actually more natural (and better) for babies to have their arms up rather than tucked straight down. My baby loved these so much that we had three of them to swap out. I washed mine over and over, and they held up great!

Next item, you'll need somewhere for some shut eye and I have a couple products that I love. The Rock N Play is probably something you will hear a ton of mamas rave about, and there is a reason for that! I bought an expensive Halo Bassinest and my baby HATES it! The Rock N Play is great because not only does it move, but it has an incline that's wonderful for babies with colic and reflux. I bought mine for about $50 on sale which is a steal! The bonus is that it folds flat and is great for traveling.

 Our second product where Fletcher sleeps is the Dock-A-Tot. While most babies sleep in theirs every night, he has reflux so we switch between the Rock N Play and Dock-A-Tot. While the Dock-A-Tot may be pricey, it has a great reputation for helping babies sleep. It gives them the feeling of being in the womb. Plus, being made from a breathable material gives me a peace of mind.

The last product I love for sleep, the Snuza Hero. Although this item isn't a "need" per say, it sure helps me sleep a little better. We started using this a couple weeks into Fletcher's arrival and it's so nice to have. One thing I recommend is waiting until the belly button stump has fallen off. It needs to be tight up against their tummy and if their stump is still on, it will cause the monitor to go off. This will scare the heavens out of you, especially while you're in your new parent zombie days.


For the next category, I will first start by raving about a few items that are hygiene related. The brand Frida Baby can seriously do no wrong! Whether it's their NoseFrida, Windi, NailFrida, or MediFrida. They are all my favorites! Don't even waste your time with the "snot suckers" they give you at the hospital, they don't even compare to the NoseFrida. If you haven't heard of this product or the windi, they can seem a bit gross. When your baby is miserable from either situation, it is well worth the weirdness! The NailFrida is so easy at cutting those itty bitty fingernails. Regular baby clippers scare me, but these ones make it so much less stressful! Last but not least my most recent Frida find, the MediFrida. My son has Reflux which requires medicine multiple times a day. I did not even think it was possible for him to hate it so much, but he does. I tried everything to get him to take the medicine, but it just made his hate for it stronger. This thing is the only way I don't waste half of the medicine anymore.

Onto another brand, Ubi. I registered for their diaper pail and wipe dispenser. So very glad I did because I love them both! This diaper pail stands out because unlike many other diaper pails, it is made of steel which hides the smell! A bonus is that you can use any bag with it. The wipe dispenser is great for keeping your wipes from drying out and has a small window that shows if you are soon to empty. Plus it looks nice on your changing table!

One of my all-time favorite brands since entering into pregnancy and motherhood has been Earth Mama Angel Baby. They make an amazing bottom balm that has worked so well for our little guy. Luckily we haven't had many issues when it comes to diaper rash but I think this product has had something to do with that! It's made with natural ingredients which I love.


My last must-have item is Water Wipes. These things may be a little more than most wipes, but they are absolutely worth the cost! They are made with two ingredients which is the main reason why I chose them. These wipes also win me over because you don't need many for the job. They are thicker and have way more liquid than the average wipe. I can do most diaper changes with one wipe, two for those extra messy ones. Highly recommend! 


Hope this helps you new mamas out there! My next post will be my nursing and postpartum must haves. Check the links below for my newborn essentials! Thanks so much for reading!












1) Love to Dream Swaddle

2) Auto Rock N Play

3) Dock-A-Tot

4) Snuza Hero 

5) NoseFrida 

6) Windi

7) NailFrida

8) MediFrida

9) Ubi Diaper Pail

10) Ubi Wipe Dispenser

11) Bottom Balm

12) Water Wipes 

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