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When I was pregnant I searched and searched postpartum and nursing products that I would need for after baby. I was surprised to not find mostly everything I might need in one place. Thats where I got this post idea from. I want to help all of you expecting so you don't have to waste time and money on things you don't need. If you are into natural products like I am then keep reading! 


First, I will begin with the postpartum essentials. This is obviously going to get a little TMI but if you're pregnant then I shouldn't even need a disclaimer for what i'm about to say. If you have a vaginal birth you will more than likely need a spray to help heal you and ease the pain. I wanted to stay clear of the one they give you in the hospital because of all the chemicals in it. Plus it doesn't heal you, it more than likely just helps with the pain. I was open to the idea, if the natural spray didn't work and I was in a lot of discomfort, I would use the one the hospital provides. Luckily, the one I found was so incredible with helping me heal that I didn't need the chemical filled one! If you read my last post on my newborn must haves ( read here ) then you know just how much I love the company Earth Mama Angel Baby. This bottom spray is hands down my favorite product. Thats saying a lot, because I have loved everything I've tried so far. This is where the TMI comes into play. I had a second degree tear and this spray did enough for the pain and discomfort! 

The next postpartum must have is the FridaBaby Momwasher. Again, the hospital will provide a cheaper version for you but this is way better. I used the one they provided while in the hospital, but started using the Momwasher as soon as I got home. This thing is SO much better than the one they give you. 



If you plan on nursing then this next topic should be helpful to you. Nursing can be frustrating enough, but having these things made my experience a bit easier! The first nursing must have is a rolling cart. Sounds strange but I swear this has been a huge help during the first couple of months and you can reuse it for many different things. I use mine for my breast pump, pump accessories, heating pad and anything related to nursing. Its great because you can move it from room to room. Plus it looks nice and organized!

The next item you might not think about is a water bottle! You will be so thirsty! I drink so much more than I ever did before breast feeding. I chose this one because I have been trying to stay away from plastic and it's perfect. Lifefactory is a good brand that will last you a long time. After purchasing one full price I found some at my local TJmaxx so keep your eyes peeled there!

For my next product, you will need some good sleep bras and nursing tanks! I notice these medela ones to be the ones I grab the most and wash the best. The tank is nice because it slims your stomach making it a good two for one item. I never bought a stomach binder, but having something like a cami was perfect for me.

When beginning to nurse, you will notice you leak..a lot! I heard amazing things about this silicone pump that's hands free so I thought for the price it was worth a shot. So glad I did! In the beginning especially, it was wonderful to have. You can put it on one side and nurse on the other and collect a couple ounces each feed. By the end of the day you will have several ounces! You can also take it with you on the go since there are no cords or pieces. Its all one piece so its easy to throw in your purse or diaper bag and also easy to clean. 

Next, you're going to need breast pads and I have tried just about every brand and kind out there. These Lansinoh ones are my favorite. They have a slightly cheaper option, but I highly recommend skipping them and going straight to these. They don't bunch nearly as bad and are thinner. Easy to find too! 

Back to the brand Earth Mama Angel Baby, their product called booby tubes are amazing! In the first couple of weeks you will be uncomfortable and sore. These are great because you pop them in the microwave for about 30-40 seconds and place them in your bra. They feel great and can even help express more milk when you pump. Later you can put them in the fridge to help stop your supply. 

If you want to keep your supply going or increase it, this is super easy one I thought I’d include. Brewers yeast is known to help milk production and what's great about it is you can put it on just about anything. You can sprinkle it on yogurt, put it in your baking (I made really good banana lactation muffins), put it in smoothies.. you name it. Plus you can't even tell it’s there. 

This item, the boppy is a game changer in my opinion. Not everyone is a fan of the boppy , but for nursing it helped me a ton! It helped position the baby comfortably so your arms have a place to rest and the weight of the baby as he/she gets older is not straining your ever so sore chest area! 

My last item is the Orgain protein shakes. You can consider this for any category you'd like, but they have worked wonders for nursing because I can grab one when my life is super hectic in the moment and have something more nutritious than a pop tart ya know? I have been drinking these for a couple years now and I switched to the vegan when I heard some babies can be sensitive to dairy. My baby doesn't seem to have trouble with it, but the taste is still really good so I have just stayed with the vegan. You may be thinking it's pretty pricey for a shake, but in reality a meal is much more expensive when you think about it, and its plant based and soy free. Soy messes with my PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome) so I was on the look out for one without, and it was super hard to find. Luckily I stumbled about this brand. In the future i'd like to do a post about PCOS what I did to get pregnant and regulate my hormones. If there are any suggestions you would like on a blog post feel free to message me them! Thanks so much for reading! 

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