Friday, November 3, 2017

My baby is ten weeks old so as he gets older these things are sure to change, but for now these are the top 5 things in my diaper bag I can't live without. Obviously, you need diapers and wipes so i'm not going to include those as my 5 items, but if you're curious as to what diapers and wipes are my favorites I will include those last. 


The first item I have to include are the Gerber Prefold Cloth Diapers. Although these are my can't live without anywhere anytime, In my diaper bag is a must. I got the tip to use these cloth diapers as burp cloths and they are perfect. When I was pregnant I bought two packs of ten and in my honest opinion it's the perfect amount to have. The pricey ones with designs are cute and all but it's kind of silly to spend that much just for them to get spit up on. I recommend saving your money for cute swaddle blankets (I'll get to those in a bit). These burp cloths you can bleach if you want. Plus for the price you don't feel bad if they get ruined. I have them by my son's rocking chair in a basket, at least one in the living room and our bedroom, plus several in my diaper bag, car.. you name it they are there. They are especially important for your diaper bag, because more than likely your baby is going to spit up and you'd be surprised how many inconvenient times it happens. So many times I had to use a scratchy paper towel or napkin because I kept forgetting one in the diaper bag. Now I make sure to refill and have them in there at all times. Get them here.


Next item as I mentioned before is a swaddle blanket. I love the muslin swaddles from Little Unicorn and Aden and Anais. My favorite at the moment you can get here (it's the "oh deer" print). Muslin swaddles are a great multi purpose item to have in your bag. You can use them for a nursing cover by tying two corners behind your neck, throwing over the carseat in chilly temps, or to lay on the grass in the park. You can't go wrong. 




Another item in my bag that I can't live without is this wet bag from JuJuBe. First off this wet bag isn't like most. What made me love it so much is it has a sealable zipper that keeps any liquid from spilling out the zipper. (I may be a bit too thrilled over a wet bag #momlife)                                                                                                                                                    

This bag has already been helpful in times where my son has an explosion and I was able to hide away his gross clothes inside. I've heard they also work great for swimming lessons for wet trunks. You never know when you'll need it! It's super slim so you can fold and tuck it away. It also has a handle that snaps so you can hang it around the outside of your bag. Love it! 


The next item I love for my diaper bag are baggies. Sounds so unexciting but I keep a roll of these biodegradable bags in my diaper bag. If you're at someones house and you've got a stinky diaper i'm sure they would appreciate masking the smell. They are also great if you can't find a trash can, you can tie it up and throw it in your bag until you find one. I use these dog ones because they have scented or unscented options and they are better for the environment! 



Last but not least is a good hand sanitizer. I prefer a more natural option and these two are my favorites. Honest company has a nice one that's a spray. If you prefer a pump, then I love the babyganics one. 





Diaper Bag details:


My diaper bag is from Kate Spade and is actually not a diaper bag. It works perfect though if you are on the look out for a stylish back pack option! It has an iPad/laptop pocket that I use for my changing pad, diapers, and wipes. The two side pockets on the outside are great for my wallet (also Kate Spade you can get it here) and a rolled swaddle or sunglasses. It also has a front zipper pocket that I call my "mommy pocket". I put my hand lotion, sanitizer, chapstick, gum, and anything mom related. The smallest zipper pocket is great for your phone. Mine as seen below is an iPhone 8 Plus for reference and it fits perfect. Another item pictured below are my jujube bags. They keep everything organized and are water resistant. The larger sized one I keep a change of clothes and a pair of socks. The medium size as you can see is where I keep my first aid type of products. It also comes with a small one that would be perfect for earbuds or even change. I use mine for essential oils roller balls. You can get them here



My favorite diapers so far have been Earth's Best and Babyganics. I love the water wipes and don't plan on switching any time soon. I rave them about them in this blog post here


Thanks so much for reading! See you next Friday, Have a wonderful weekend! 


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