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When I look back on the birth of my son I can't help but feel overjoyed. I had such a good birthing experience. I have such positive feelings about that day and am so blessed to say that. Many details are fuzzy from that day for obvious reasons but here is my story. 


It started at about 4am on a Monday morning, (the solar eclipse!) and it woke me out of dead sleep. It could have started earlier but I was sleeping pretty soundly. I noticed I was having dull period like cramps. I got up and went to the bathroom, heated up a rice pack ,and headed back to bed. The rice pack seemed to help and I eventually went back to sleep. At about 6am I woke back up because of the pain. This is the moment I realized these were contractions.


I had a long weekend out of town with family that resulted in walking, long bumpy car rides, and going fishing Sunday with my husband. I thought maybe my body was just tired. I still had exactly 2 weeks left until I was 40 weeks. I downloaded an app to track them so I could see how far apart they were and they were about 5 minutes apart. I tried to wake my husband to tell him, but he is such a sound sleeper that he had no clue what was going on. I texted a relative who had recently had a baby and asked for some advice. She suggested to take a shower and prepare myself, that this could be it. 


I got a shower and called the on-call doctor at the hospital where I am delivering. He was pretty certain that this was it and to come in when I was closer to 3-4 minutes apart. My husband's alarm goes off and he gets up. I tell him what is going on and he doesn't quite believe what i'm telling him. I blame this mostly on his sleepiness. It takes him a solid 30 minutes to full awaken in the morning. He starts getting ready for work and tells me to keep him updated. If my contractions were closer together he would leave work. I'm not going to lie, I was a little mad he didn't believe me. 


I proceed with my morning. I finished packing the rest of my hospital items, sweep the house, and try to clean up the best I can all while having contractions. These contractions were not too bad, more of a throb like feeling. They were not like the braxton hick contractions I had been having for several weeks so I knew it had to be something. A couple hours go by and the contractions are now about 4 minutes apart. I decide to call the nurse at my OB office. Of course when I called, the contractions took a break. She said that I was probably dehydrated and to drink a few bottles of water. It just didn't seem right to me. At this point I didn't even know if I was dilated because I hadn't been checked yet. I had my 38 week check up scheduled for the next day. I called back and asked if they could get me in, because of me having contractions and they were able to fit me in around 2pm. 


I call my husband to tell him we were able to get in that day and to come home. He came home, we headed out a little early, and we got lunch before my appointment. I was eating pizza while timing my contractions! 😂 We went to my appointment and my midwife checked me. I was about 4 cm dilated! I was so excited to find out this wasn't all in my head. She told us to go to the store and walk around for a couple hours, then come back before they closed to recheck me. I walked my heart out! They were getting closer together and getting pretty painful. Occasionally I would have to stop because of the pain. I was determined this was going to be the day. 


We got back to the OB office around 5pm and I remember having a bad contraction. The pain was so bad it brought me to tears. I was so nervous to find out if I progressed or not. She checked me and I was at a 6!! This was definitely it and I was ready for the hospital. I'll never forget how excited I was. 


We got to the hospital and they brought me to my room. They checked me in around 6:30pm. We didn't bring our hospital bags, so my husband had to leave to go get them. This was perfect because my husband does not handle needles well and he got to miss the IV and blood-work. I didn't notice it at first but Fletcher's heart rate was really high. They didn't want me to worry because my stress could make it worse. 


For the next couple hours they were managing his heart rate, so I was unable to get out of the bed. I was still at a 6 and the contractions were getting very painful. I just wanted to be able to use the birthing ball. They had me go on my side to see if that would help and after a while it finally went down. 


I had always wanted to try a natural birth but was getting to the point where I might consider having some pain medication in my IV. I didn't understand why I was in this much pain if I was only at a 6. I told my husband to try and find someone to tell them. My midwife came to check me before giving me any kind of pain medication. I was at a 9! No wonder I was in such pain. She broke my water without any hesitation. Obviously I was getting no pain medication. I just remember freaking out wondering if I could even do this.  I had only been in the hospital about 3 hours at this point so I was shocked I was moving this quickly. 


I was able to get out of the bed after we found out I was 9cm so I moved straight to the ball. I remember just bouncing as much as I physically could to take my mind off the pain. Let's just say I bounced my heart out lol. This is probably where it becomes the most fuzzy for me. I was in so much pain that I just remember jolting my body to try and find whatever position I could to feel relief. An hour went by and it was time for me to push.


About 30 minutes of pushing and my beautiful son was born. We were able to do the delayed cord clamping I had hoped for and I held him onto my chest in disbelief that I just had my baby.




He was perfect. I was finally a mother. My husband cut the cord and I got to have skin to skin for over an hour while I fed him for the first time. After they cleaned him up I got to see my husband hold him. There is no better feeling in the world then seeing the man you love holding your baby. 



This was everything I ever hoped for. I got to deliver naturally, it went by quickly, safely, and I had the support of my husband. He did better than I could have ever imagined. I'm so blessed.





I would love to hear your birth stories. If you have them you can send me the links! Thanks so much for reading, hope you had a good Thanksgiving and have a good weekend! I'll see you back here Friday! 





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