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Happy December! This year is my son's first Christmas. In a recent blog post I discussed how we are doing the "4 Gift Rule" with him (you can read that post here). I have decided to live more of a minimal lifestyle while supporting more small businesses. You don’t have to do this to save money, this can be to eliminate the amount of things you have, while getting better quality items. I hope to continue on this tradition with my son. Because he will only be 4 months old at Christmas, i'm a little limited on options. If you're child is closer to a year or even a toddler, some of the other items I list might work perfect for you or help give you ideas. I will share with you the items we chose with their links, along with some more ideas for that category. Enjoy! 





Based on you and your baby's interests, this is completely up to them (to a certain extent). This could be a tablet, a doll, a play set they have been dying to get..anything. For Fletcher I am getting him this Cuddle and Kind doll. I am all about shopping small business. This item is a bit pricey, but the quality and the charity makes this completely worth it. Plus when you are only buying them 4 items you can go for better quality. The toys below are great quality and can be passed down as your child outgrows them. The car comes in a couple different designs and can be personalized. 









  Toy Car from SmilingTreeToys $15                                     Wooden Rainbow Stacking Toy $24.99








For this category it can really be anything. Personally we need bath storage so I am going with this Skip Hop Moby Scoop and Splash Toy Organizer. Something practical is your best bet. It could be something that needs replaced or it could be something fun that the kids need, such as a water table or a walker toy. This wooden gym is a perfect for baby and it's also beautiful to look at. The water table below is a two in one toy. It can be a sand table or water table. Perfect for warmer weather! Oh and if you don't mind getting a little messy ;). 










Wooden Baby Gym from WeeLittleHedgehog $38             Wooden Sand & Water Table $119








Once again, this will differ on what your child needs. I am constantly thinking of practicality over anything else. Whether they need a new jacket, a new pair of shoes, a back pack, or even a bedspread they have been wanting. We are getting a Dream Blanket from Aden and Anais. We already have one, but we are constantly washing it a few times a week from the spit up and dog hair (dogs shed like crazy am I right?). It will be nice to have a back up. This is a pricer item but will get lots of use and I think that's the perfect item for this category.  These moccasins are a personal favorite that we already own. They are great quality and stay on your baby's feet! Great if your baby is starting to walk or for keeping their feet warm. These Pajamas are also a favorite of ours. They are an affordable organic pajama that holds up great and are so soft! Plus they come in so many patterns! 





Moccasins from SweetNSwag $20                                Burt's Bees Organic Baby Pajamas $12.95










For this category you could get one nice book or even a collection of books. We are going to get a collection that he can keep on a shelf and have in his bedroom or playroom. Something classic and timeless. I chose this set of Curious George books. The book below is an awesome gift that is personalized to your child's name. I will probably end up getting one of these eventually for a birthday gift, such a great idea!






                                                  Customizable Books from Wonderbly $24.99




Well I hope this helps you out and can give you a different perspective on Christmas present giving. For me, it’s more about teaching my child that love doesn’t always come in the form of gifts. Christmas is about family and spending time together. 


I’ll see you next Friday! Have a great weekend! 










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