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If you haven't read my post on my journey to becoming a mother with PCOS you can read it here. Last year on December 9th, 2016 I was feeling defeated. I drove over 2 hours in the snow to go to my fertility clinic in Pittsburgh. This was my 4th treatment on the medication called Femara. This medication is most commonly used for breast cancer patients but it has been used for fertility as it helps promote ovulation. The previous times I had taken Femara my body still was not ovulating. I even tried the common treatment Clomid, but that was also a fail. I was told on December 9th that this would be my last cycle with Femara because I was on the highest dose, that if this didn't work we would have to move on to something else. More than likely IVF.


To give you a little back story, I had tried everything natural to get pregnant. I really don't like the idea of my body being on these medications but unfortunately for me I felt I had to go that route if I wanted to become pregnant anytime soon. I tried a gluten free diet, essential oils, acupuncture, chinese herbs, vitex... you name it and I probably tried it. I just could not get my body to ovulate. People are constantly saying "Don't stress about it, when it happens it happens". That is so much easier said than done. You don't even remember what life was like before taking your temperature before even allowing your body to move, before peeing on hundreds of those ovulation and pregnancy tests. You just lose yourself.


When I went to the clinic that day they gave me an ultrasound and unfortunately my follicles were just not mature yet. This could mean so many things. It didn't mean I was out this cycle but it just meant I was at a stand still. I wasn't able to do the trigger shot we had planned to do. I was to come back in 4 days to recheck my follicles before calling this cycle a done deal. They still taught me how to do the shot myself just incase for the next visit.  I got into my car and I cried. I have never been more excited to get a needle in my stomach before. I wanted that trigger shot so bad. I tried to calm myself down those next few days so that I wouldn't mess up this cycle. 


Those next few days were anything but relaxing. We got into a bad car accident just 2 days after that appointment and I was so sore and bruised up. I thought for sure I was out. I thought there was no way I was going to get pregnant now. Another 2 days went by and it was time to drive back to Pittsburgh again. December 13th, 2016. This was already a special day. My grandma's birthday.  She had passed away 9 months prior and had raised me, she is such an important person in my life. I had my ultrasound and much to my surprise there were 3 mature follicles. I had a chance of 3 babies! I was overjoyed to say the least. They were able to give me the shot there, so I didn't have to at home. The nurse on my way out said something that I don't think i'll ever forget. Incase you didn't read that other post I will repeat it, she said "I'll talk to ya when you call and tell us your pregnant!!". That just stuck with me and made me feel so much more positive. All the nurses thought I was going to have triplets and were all smiles and laughs. 


I tried to relax as much as possible during my two week wait. I tested out my trigger shot and saw the line fading away. I started noticing the line coming back but did not want to get too excited. On Christmas Eve I made my husband stop at Rite Aid to buy nicer tests. I was just using amazon cheapies before. 



It was Christmas and I was so nervous. I had never gotten a positive test before and I just wanted to see 2 lines. I took the test and there was a definite second line. My husband and I didn't really believe it. We thought maybe it was still the trigger in my system. Even though the line should not be that dark for it being 12 days since my trigger. A friend of mine convinced me to take a digital while on FaceTime. I took it and it said PREGNANT 1-2 WEEKS. The best Christmas gift I have ever gotten. It took a while to sink in but it was real. I was pregnant. My sweet boy will be 4 months next week and I just can't believe how blessed I am. Christmas will always have an even more special feeling to me. 



Thanks so much for reading! If you have PCOS or are going through infertility and need someone to talk to, please don't hesitate to message me in the contact section. Have a great weekend! See you back here next Friday!





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