Friday, December 29, 2017

The New Year is quickly approaching and what better way to start out than on a clean page?! There are many things you can do to begin your year fresh and clean! Here are some of my favorites.


Cleaning is a big one for starting off fresh. If you have been wanting to go chemical free in your home, why not start at the beginning of the year?! Essential oils can help you start. This blog post gives some easy recipes that are more effective than the common toxic cleaners. If I can suggest anything it would be to start going chemical free (keep reading for the recipe I use to replace bleach). Although I do some deep cleaning in the spring I also like to deep clean at least once in the winter while all the sickness is going on. My usual cleaning routine consists of deep cleaning the inside of appliances (dishwasher/fridge/washing machine/ microwave), taking apart/cleaning my sweeper, and cleaning out cabinets while organizing them. If you wanted to go all out you can even have your pets groomed! 


The New Year is when I stock up on my essential oils. I usually ask for a few at Christmas and I buy the ones I need after that so I can use them all year long (and some even longer than that). You can use them for cleaning your home, detoxing with water or tea, fighting off illness, and diffusing them for many added benefits. Plus your house will smell amazing without the use of chemicals. 


Pillows are a great thing to replace at the beginning of the year. They collect dead skin, sweat, oils, and dust mites....ewww. I replace mine about 1-2 times a year because they gross me out too much. This also may be the perfect time to replace the linens you've been wanting to or you can give the ones you already have a good deep cleaning. My recent discovery has been making my own chemical free bleach. This blog post is quite helpful and my favorite I've tried. I use that recipe for laundry and I made up my own concentrated spray version below. It's great for counter tops, baby play gyms, and just about any hard surface! - Sometimes I add fresh lemon juice to my recipe for even better results. 




I hope you found this post helpful! I'll be lounging around the next couple days in hopes of gathering some energy to start my New Year clean up! I hope you all have a great New Years and I'll see you back here next Friday! 









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