Friday, January 19, 2018


If you are about to have a baby or just had a baby, congrats! It is by far the best thing ever but I feel like there are so many products to target new moms. As a new mom myself I feel like we all have those products that just didn't work for our babies or we found something that worked a little better. With that being said, every baby is different so what worked for my baby may not work for yours. My son Fletcher is now almost 5 months old and I feel like we bought so many things that I regret.


My son was very difficult to keep asleep because of his startle reflex, pretty common with new babies. He still struggles with this but not nearly as bad as he used to (thanks to our Magic Sleep-suit that we started at about 3 months old). If you have a super chill baby these things might work for you and for that I am a little envious lol. 


The first item that I wanted to love but regret buying is the Halo Bassinest. If my baby didn't hate it so much then I think I really would have enjoyed it. It can be very convenient for mom because of its swivel design and not even having to get out of bed. I think my baby hated it because it just was too spacey and he didn't feel snuggled. The insert they make for it didn't even work. For the price I think I would have just skipped out on this. We got a Rock n Play and eventually a Dock-A-Tot which worked better for us.  We still use the Dock-A-Tot for traveling and sometimes naps.  I think even getting a Pack N Play would be a good idea!


The next product I regret buying is our bouncer. I had so many people recommend a bouncer but my baby just did not like it. We even tried two different kinds. An automatic and one that just vibrated and played music. Maybe I just picked the wrong ones. I will say that he enjoys it a little more now that he's older and can make it bounce himself, but I could have done without it. Our Rock n Play worked better for us and he could also sleep in it at night which was a nice bonus. 


This next item you are going to probably think sounds crazy. Socks! Yes its obvious, you will need them BUT I majorly regret buying those short and wide baby socks that just about every brand makes. (I believe the ones we had were Carter's) Who even comes up with the idea of making them short and super wide? They are constantly falling off! Don't even waste your time on those and head straight for H&M baby socks. They are way slimmer and higher so they stay on baby's feet. Just trust me ;)



The last thing my husband and I both regret buying is diapers in bulk. Our little guy grew through diaper sizes SO quickly. I thought it was a smart thing to buy a bunch of each size thinking he would be in them longer. If the box is not opened you are fine with exchanging sizes with most stores but unfortunately he would grow out of the size half way through the box. A tip I have heard is if you want to plan ahead buy an amazon gift card every so often so you will eventually have some saved up. Then when baby comes you can buy what you need without having to worry about paying for them because you saved up. I wish I would have done that! 


Thanks so much for reading! If you are expecting a baby and are looking for some ideas then check out my newborn must haves here. I hope you have a great weekend and I will see you back here next Friday! 






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