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Does traveling with a baby make your head spin? I thought this would be a good topic for today as I am currently out of town with my son visiting family. I don't travel as often as i'd like but here are some tips and products I cannot travel without. Also, this is a car traveling post but I'm sure you could use some of these to fly as well. Just thought i'd clarify ;). 


1. Organize 


When traveling with a baby, it can be pretty stressful. If you are traveling far I recommend creating a check list or even a spread sheet if you can. This will help you to gather those items you may forget about. If you create a simple spread sheet on your computer you can print a bunch and have them on hand making it convenient. 


When packing clothing I always pack ours separate. It's such a pain to need something specific for your baby and have to search through you and your baby's stuff to find it. Packing separate will also allow you to stay a bit more organized and save time. I love packing our JuJuBe zipper bags. I usually keep

 them in my diaper bag but when packing for a trip they are awesome to pack medicines, first aid items, snacks, onesies and socks, pacifiers, you name it. You can find them here in a set of 3. Super easy to transfer them to a diaper bag or your center console of your car. I love that they are machine washable and sturdy too. 









2. Sleep




For me this is a super important topic. My baby has always been a picky sleeper and it can be difficult to switch things up because it will change how he will sleep. When my husband and I have traveled out of state and stayed in a hotel we went with our dock-a-tot. At the time he was a lot smaller and he was sleeping great in it. Just recently he has started sleeping in his crib so this week on my small trip I wanted to replicate that so he didn't feel completely out of place. Our pack-n-play has worked and is super easy to assemble and put away in our vehicle. If you are just using this for traveling purposes I highly recommend buying the most simple one they have. I only paid $35 for mine on a Toys-R-Us sale and it works just fine. 


Another thing to think about is a sound machine. As I mentioned he is super picky and used to a sound machine. If you don't want to lug around one from home an app is super easy and you can play it on your phone or iPad. I use the app Relax Melodies and it works nicely. I have also heard great things about the Baby Shusher 




3. Pack Extra 


If you can I would pack a little on the heavy side when it comes to necessities. I always pack more of diapers, onesies, and sleepers. For obvious reasons like spit up, blow outs, and messes. I also pack heavy in case of the weather keeping you on your trip longer. Currently it has been snowing so it added a day to my stay. Driving in this snow/ice with a baby is just not happening for me.  Luckily I packed plenty of the necessities to go another night. 



4. Think Practical

This is an obvious one but sometimes you just want to pack everything and it's not always the smartest decision. For instance my husband and I went on a trip out of state. We ended up carrying the car seat around the city and cutting some things out of our day because of it. It was so silly not to bring the stroller. Think about where your going and what is going to be the easiest for you. Will you need a stroller or a carrier? Maybe there won't be sidewalks or space so a baby carrier may work better for your trip. Maybe you have to carry a diaper bag and a baby so you will need a stroller for storage. If you absolutely need both then take both but space can be a big issue when traveling and it's always nice to have a plan. 









Thank you so much for reading! If you have any suggestions for topics in the future i'd love to hear them! Have a great weekend and I will see you back here next week! 












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