Friday, February 16, 2018




Today we took a little trip to Target. I went for toilet paper.. and of course had to cruise the entire store. The things you look forward to when you're a mom, am I right? Several weeks ago I ran into another new mom at the store. She was pushing her baby around in what looked like a super comfy baby contraption. I think she noticed me staring and without hesitation she mentioned what it was and started talking to me about how much she loved her Binxy hammock. I of course researched it and saw just how popular these are becoming. The company is trying to prevent injuries that occur from shopping carts. What an amazing thing to tackle. It's not really something you think about and I love that they are trying to revolutionize shopping with a baby. 



Before I had to cut my trip short because Fletcher hated being in his car seat in the store. He would scream and of course everyone would stare. I almost dreaded going anywhere because of it. That caused me to become stir crazy and have an empty fridge. Ever since we got our Binxy hammock he is so much more content while shopping! I have such a curious and alert baby so when I know i'll be a while I bring it for the job (who doesn't spend a huge chunk of their time browsing every isle at Target?).


         Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock

Not only is Binxy a safe alternative for shopping with baby, but its also really functional. You can fit items under him instead of his carseat taking up the whole cart. Plus baby lays at an incline so he can see what is all around him. It keeps him happy which in return makes mama happy. It was so easy to install and compact to keep in the car. I love the idea of keeping him away from the shopping cart germs and you can wash this hammock so easy.  Not only are you able to put your baby inside of the hammock but you can also use it to hold your car seat! This is great if your baby is asleep in the car and you need to run in the store. Safer and you still have the convenience of having more space in your cart. If you have a toddler who wants to sit in the front of the cart you can put the hammock in the back with baby. Perfect for families with multiple children! Help spread the word for safer shopping experiences! *This is not sponsored but I did receive product compliments of Binxy.*







Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next Friday! 














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