Dock-A-Tot Review

Friday, March 2, 2018




As I have mentioned in the past, Fletcher has been a pretty finicky sleeper. After trying his bassinet and about 3 types of swaddles when he was a newborn, I decided to try the Dock-A-Tot. He had a bad startle reflex where he needed to feel snug. He would flail his arms and legs causing him to wake up and not fall back to sleep. I was in desperate need of something that worked. I had heard about the famous Dock-A-Tot and decided to give it a shot. A swaddle combined with the co-sleeper was a great combination for the first couple months. I finally got some sleep and as a new mom that was everything to me. He slept longer stretches of time and felt more secure. He would fall asleep while nursing so placing him into the Dock-A-Tot while asleep worked so well. He wouldn't wake up as soon as I laid him down.

This co-sleeper is also wonderful for traveling! We love it because it's super light weight and easy to pack in the car. Having a familiar place to sleep also made our nights away from home much easier. 


After we transitioned him to his crib, we upgraded to the Dock-A-Tot Grand that we use for play and travel sleep. He sits up on his own now so every evening he plays in it after his bath. Baths really wind him up so playing gets his energy out. What's great about Dock-A-Tot is that it's made out of all natural 100% cotton and is tested for breathability. Like I mentioned before, the Dock-A-Tot Deluxe is for smaller babies 0-8 months and the Grand is for 9-36 months. Depending on their size and weight you can upgrade like I did to the Grand a little early. I would recommend going to their website if you have any questions about what size to get! Another great reason to upgrade to the Grand is that it can be used to transition into toddler beds! We obviously have some time for that but it's great because we will get lots of use out of it (It's not intended for putting into a crib for safety reasons). 





There are some great print options, I am obsessed with the print I chose (Bananas for You)! Not only is it totally functional but looks great in his nursery and playroom. *I received this product compliments of Dock-A-Tot, all content is my own genuine thoughts and opinions*


Thanks so much for reading this weeks post! Have you used the Dock-A-Tot? How was your experience? I'd love to know! See you all back here next week! 






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