Fletcher's Playroom

Friday, April 6, 2018


Hey everyone! I am back here with a second post this week! I feel so productive lol. The past couple of months I have been putting together Fletcher's playroom. I had it planned for a long time now but was waiting until everything arrived. The rug was backordered and the furniture required a 2 hour Ikea trip...BUT it is done and I am so happy with how it turned out!


The first thing I knew I had to have was a Lorena Canal’s rug. I have been eyeing one of these up since I was planning Fletcher's nursery over a year ago. These things are so popular that they can be out of stock. When I saw that they were machine washable I was sold on the idea. This particular pattern was perfection and I knew I had to wait the 2 month wait because it was backordered. Totally worth it though because it is amazing! I love that it is made with 100% cotton, natural dyes, and contains no VOCs like most carpet/rugs. Super important to me because of him putting everything in his mouth these days. Proceeds also support the Sukula project and provide schooling for children in India. I absolutely love that!


This rug is perfect because I don't feel grossed out about him crawling and laying on it. If I catch the dogs laying on it too much I can just sweep it then throw it in the wash! You really can't go wrong. 


*I was sent this rug from Lorena Canal’s but these words are my own and genuine. I have said this before, I would never talk about a product I wouldn't buy myself. 


These wooden toys below are from Bannor Toys.


Another feature I knew I wanted was lots of book and toy storage. I have some book shelfs in his nursery but was still quickly running out of room. When I found these "spice racks" from Ikea, I thought they'd go perfectly in his play room. My husband had the idea of staggering them on the wall and I really love how it looks. I decided to put the nicer books that I wanted to read with him on the wall and have a small standing shelf (also Ikea) for board books he could grab himself. 


The only thing i'll probably add is another standing book shelf and possibly a train table when he's older. That may be his first birthday present! I think a toy box would be perfect as a train table so we could store it underneath. 


The toy storage system is also from Ikea and I love that you can customize how many bins and their sizes. Even the color. Obviously I am quite boring and stuck with the white :p. The big bin on the far left I keep soft toys and soft books. The six small bins I organized with wooden toys. I am a huge fan of wooden toys and can talk more about our favorite brands and such in a separate post. The two bins on the top with wheels are also Ikea. 




(All books were purchased through Amazon or Target. The rest were gifts from friends and family.)

Thanks so much for reading all about our playroom! It has definitely become one of my favorite rooms in our home. If you would be interested in a wooden toy post then let me know! Have a great weekend and I'll see you back here next week! 



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