Teeth Whitening Review

Thursday, May 10, 2018




Hello friends! This week I am bringing to you a review on a teeth whitening system I have been using for several weeks! This has been long awaited and i'm so happy I get to finally share it with you! Having a bright smile has always been important to me.



You may be wondering what this Smile Brilliant is all about and here are some answers to those who are on the verge of trying it. 



What is Smile Brilliant? 


Smile Brilliant is teeth whitening in the comfort of your own home but with professional results. Customized to YOU. 







Why did you choose Smile Brilliant?


Drinking coffee is pretty necessary when being a new mom. I wanted to find something safe to use that could bring my teeth a couple shades lighter and also maintain a nice shade. Plus its cruelty-free/vegan!



How does it work?

They send you everything you need to create your own custom molds and whiten. They include detailed instructions on how to make your molds along with the postage to send back to them. About a week or two later you will receive your custom fitted whitening trays. Then you begin whitening! Each tube of teeth whitening gel is enough for 3-4 sessions. You use a desensitizing solution after every session to prevent staining and help with sensitivity. You can leave your trays on for 45 minutes to 3 hours. 






What did you think?

My teeth are very sensitive from having braces long long ago so I was a little nervous. When I used a little less whitening solution in my trays I didn't have any problems with tooth sensitivity. I noticed if I used too much my gums would get a little sore. I whitened every other day and sometimes longer in between to prevent sensitivity. It takes about 7-14 applications to get results but I noticed them within the first 2. The ONLY problem I had was staying up in the evenings to do it but that is just mom life for you ;) am I right?! They were super accommodating and offered extra desensitizing gel if I needed it! I will post my before and after for you below. Don't be too repulsed by my no make up appearance. Again, mom life. Do I really need to explain myself? 








If you want any more information, check out 7 things to know before buying teeth whitening! Smile Brilliant is providing an awesome deal for Mother's Day. Head over to my Instagram where I will be giving away a whitening kit!! You can only enter my giveaway through the link here. If you want to save 10% you can use the code trendyandtired. Thanks so much for reading!









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