I Went Plant-Based And Here's What Happened

Friday, May 18, 2018



Happy Friday Friends! May 7th marked one month on a plant based diet for my husband and I. I have been wanting to do this for a LONG time. Mainly for health reasons (my PCOS) and because I just wanted to feel better than what I was. When I watched a video on Youtube about 2 years ago after being diagnosed with PCOS it really inspired me. I wish I would have went full force but I guess I was stubborn back then. I re watched it and it motivated me all over again. If you struggle with hormone imbalance than I highly recommend her video. You can watch it here.  


I honestly didn't think i'd see many changes in a month's time. I really wish I would have measured myself because this is the fastest I have ever seen results. I have been on this diet for almost 6 weeks now and am about 8 pounds thinner than I was pre pregnancy. That brings me to losing a grand total of 14 pounds during this process!! I am so shocked yet not shocked at all by how well my body has done on a high carb low fat diet. 


For me to want to continue on such a drastic diet is huge. I am a cheese and milk lover so that was pretty hard for me but seeing these changes makes it all so worth it. I have cheated a couple of times after the month was over but went right back to plant based because the dairy made me sick. The only thing that I occasionally have is salmon because we can get it fresh from a local business. Eventually I plan to cut that out as well. We are big seafood fans over here so that is hard for me. 


If you aren't familiar with a high carb low fat vegan diet, it is eating until you are completely satisfied. Eating less processed foods and more whole foods (not the grocery store :p). You stop using oils to cook with and are able to enjoy the foods we have been brain washed into think are bad..aka carbs (potatoes, rice, beans, bananas, bread, etc.). You really have to re train your brain and that can be the toughest challenge while eating plant based. If you eat these carbs without unnecessary oils than they are so much healthier than you think. You’re probably thinking what do you cook with if you don’t use oil? I was also surprised to hear this. You can use water or vegetable in place of cooking with oils. Just add in a little at a time. For baking you can use parchment paper or non stick baking liners. The baking liners are seriously amazing! Bought them on amazon and use them everyday. 


I by no means am perfect with this diet. I will occasionally enjoy something vegan from the freezer section but its all about moderation. I'm just striving to get better as time goes on. The fun part has been creating dishes that satisfy the cravings. Having no dairy, eggs, and meat can be tricky but there are soooo many amazing things to cook. Once I found the PERFECT dairy free sour cream I was able to truly enjoy Mexican food again, create creamy pasta dishes, and make the best ranch dip/dressing.

-It is a little bit of a process but if you are as obsessed with sour cream or having a base that will make other dishes incredible, I highly recommend making it yourself after watching this video. I am super super picky when it comes to alternatives and I swear this stuff is amazing. Here's the

video on how to make it! It won't disappoint. I'll put some of my favorite dishes below that you can add just a little bit of the sour cream to. Transforms your food and tricks you into thinking you're eating dairy. Not the healthiest of dishes but such a nice treat without cheating. 



This is just chick pea pasta, some pasta sauce mixed with a little cashew sour cream, and spinach. One of our favorite dishes, especially when you need something quick!  





This quinoa mac and cheese is inspired from Ellen Fishers cheese sauce recipe. I added some cashew sour cream to make it a little more indulgent. Amazing when you are looking for some comfort food! If you are interested in vegan food videos check her out! She has a channel on Youtube along with ebooks that include some amazing recipes. She is so inspiring! You can use this cheese sauce on so many things. Oil free oven fries, nachos, baked potatoes, and noodles. Possibilities are endless! 




Things that I make sure to have lots on hand are bananas, apples, spinach, blueberries, avocado, black beans, humus, carrots, cucumber, bell peppers, and just about all the produce we love. I will do a separate post on what Fletcher eats in a day but having things prepped to give to him make it SO much easier. When that boy is hungry, he is hungry NOW :p 




Here are some new favorites of ours!

First is a BBQ cauliflower flatbread which was hubby AND baby approved. Highly recommend! 



An asian inspired meal of oil free roasted veggies over brown rice.          My favorite lunch as the months get warmer is this refreshing 

Love to add a little eel sauce! So yummy.                                                     spinach salad with a side of gluten free flat bread and humus.                                                                                                                                  Addicting and so flavorful. 




If you all are curious what I buy at the store I could also do a grocery hall blog post. Let me know! Thanks so much for checking out my progress on this plant based diet! I'll see you next time! 


























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