My Favorite (More Natural) Cleaning Items

Friday, September 14, 2018



Hi friends! As I was tag teaming a cleaning day with my husband it popped into my head that I could share some of our cleaning products and items. I have been using some of these for a couple years and some of them I have just discovered a few months ago. 


Using less chemicals and less toxic cleaners started for me about 3 years ago after my husband and I got married. I was totally clueless as to what was in my cleaners and thought the smell of "clean" was actually clean. Funny how you think chemicals are clean if that's something you have been exposed to and brought up around. I'm totally guilty because I grew up around a bleach loving household. 


I could go on and on about how terrible the ingredients are in most peoples cleaning products but I will bore you on that topic another day lol. Instead I will share with you the things we use to clean our home on these productive Sunday's of ours. First i'll share my favorite items we use to clean and then I will share my favorite cleaning products.


One of the favorite items to clean with are our Norwex envirocloths. You don't need any product with them which I love and they can be used dry or damp. You can use them dry to dust and damp to wipe things clean. From their website- "It creates static electricity which removes dust and dirt, preventing them from resettling back onto surfaces and holds them inside the cloth." Gotta say I love them! I mainly use them for our kitchen counters and wiping Fletcher's highchair tray but there are endless uses for them. Great for cleaning toys too. 



Another item on my list is also from Norwex and it's their dusting mitt. It's the perfect thing to dust off your tv, shelves and just about anything that needs dusting. Throw it in the wash and you can reuse it over and over. 



These Full Circle towels were sent to me in my Mighty Nest subscription and they are definitely one of my favorite things i've received from them. They are made from organic cotton and you can use them for so many things. Replaces paper towels, you can use them on dishes because the stitching acts as a good scrubber, and I love that look pretty in my house ;) lol. 



This item you may already have. You can use it for so many things which I love. Gerber pre folds have been an awesome and useful purchase for us. They came in handy for spit ups and burp rags in the first several months. Then I realized I could use them for highchair clean up, cleaning around the house, and just about anything. I ended up designating some for Fletcher and then having a stack just for my household jobs. They are cheap and are pretty easily available! 



My last cleaning item is having a floor mop that I can put my own cleaner in and being able to wash pads vs buying more. It's more costly and worse for the environment to keep buying them. I'm slowly getting around to more and more eco friendly ways in our house. This mop is probably my favorite but i've seen a bunch of brands come out with them. I'll mix my own solution with some Castile soap or make one from essential oils and peroxide. 

















If I had to pick one product to clean my entire house for the rest of my life it would be without a doubt Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap. I discovered this product a little over 3 years ago and I am so glad that I did. If you haven't used castile soap (especially to clean) you are missing out! It is a super concentrated soap that you can literally use for anything. I love to mop floors, use it to clean off surfaces, wash dishes, and even wash my dog with it (totally safe btw). Not only can you use it for cleaning but you can use it for your body and the bottle lists so many other uses as well. I use the non scented on Fletcher for bath time and lasts forever. No joke I bought a tiny bottle before he was born and we are just now at about 1/3 of it left. These are my two favorite ones but I have loved every one i've tried. You really can't go wrong. 





These products have been in my more recent routine. I normally love to make my own spray but with my laziness during the crazy summer I resorted to buying one I saw at Target. The Seventh Generation All Purpose Cleaner is pretty easy to find and doesn't have a super strong scent so I feel more comfortable using it around Fletcher. You can't honestly even smell it which I prefer over something that smells like chemicals. When I use it up I plan to go back to making my own ( you can read my favorite recipe here on a former post). If you just don't have the time to make your own cleaner this is a good product and has a good rating on the app Think Dirty. I've mentioned Think Dirty in the past but if you haven't heard of it, it rates products with a number scale. Zero being the cleanest. I strive to use anything 4 and under. I prefer to see a 0 or 1 though if I can. 




For dishes I like to also use these Seventh Generation ones because they have pods that are rated a 0 on the Think Dirty app which I love. I've considered trying to make my own. I'll have to time to make some and if I perfect it i'll make a post. For now these work perfect for us and I can pick them up pretty easily in my area. 


For liquid dish soap Dr. Bronner's Castile Soap does the trick or I splurge on Mrs.Meyer's Clean Day for the Fall and Christmas season's. I am honestly not that proud of it because it does have fragrance (they claim to have a more natural fragrance but it still does not specify) but I like to think it's better than some more common fragrances. I use it mostly to clean the sink and dish bucket that I keep in the sink. If you guys have any suggestions for holiday smelling dish soap that is fragrance free i'd love to hear them! I always love hearing your suggestions. 





Thanks so much for reading! 



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