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Friday, September 21, 2018


Tomorrow is officially the first day of fall and i'm not going to lie, I am so ready! Fall has always been so special to me. My birthday is in the beginning of September so it always kicked off the month for me, and just a couple weeks later so many fun things begin to happen. The cider, the pumpkins, the plaid, the cool feeling in the air, and wearing the most cozy sweaters just gives me all of the feels.


Now that fall is upon us I will be doing some outfit styling posts in the upcoming weeks which is something fun and different than my usual product posts. Today i'm going to be sharing the pieces that I think are staples for a fall wardrobe. I tend to go for more timeless pieces that I know I can continue to use over and over. I love quality over quantity in just about everything I buy. Whether thats clothes, toys for my son, home wear, etc. That doesn't mean I don't love a good deal though (always checking that sale and clearance section)! 


*Warning- You will see a ton of neutral colors ahead ;)



Lets start with sweaters and jackets. I feel like it's one of the first things I gravitate towards with fall time approaching. Chunky knits are by far my favorite. My favorite color is classic off white or cream, never goes out of style. I have several chunky knits that I love that aren't available anymore but any over sized knit has my heart. This one from Zara is gorgeous! 









My next favorite is a sweater jacket. It's the perfect mix between the two and perfect for the start of colder weather. This one by Madewell is on my wishlist and i'm totally needing it in my wardrobe! So versatile and the color can go with so many things. 



Last for tops is my Patagonia pullover. This thing has gotten so much use and is SO warm! I can get away with wearing as a jacket most days in the winter because it's so cozy and warm. I feel like it's gotten a little too popular the last year or two but it definitely has for a reason! And it's worth every penny. 

















I don't tend to buy a lot of shoes for myself. I'm not sure why but I forget about them sometimes. Luckily about 3 years ago I splurged on a couple pairs of boots and I still continue to bring them out for Fall and winter, even spring with our Pennsylvania weather. I love to buy clothes but I always forget about shoes.. am I the only girl who does this? lol


The first pair that I love are my Sam Edelman 'Penny' boots. These boots are honestly not too bad in price for something that is going to last. Mine still look like new and are such a classic in my wardrobe. The perfect brown riding boot in my opinion! 



The second pair of boots I purchased at the same time as my riding boots are a pair I had been swooning over for years. They are my Hunter rain boots. Not only have these worked well for me in the rain, but they have been great for fall, winter, and spring. I get so much use out of these. I liked these so much that I bought a pair for my son :p. You can add socks or their boot socks specifically made for them for a cozy warm winter boot. I have a more muscular calf so I chose their adjustable calf and they are perfect! Pinterest gives too many outfit ideas with these that you will end up wanting them in every color.





My last pair of shoes that I purchased last year are my Alpargata Crepe Suede Toms. I always have trouble with my feet hurting but these have been the most comfortable shoes I own. They come in a couple colors but this camel brown color is perfect for fall. They have a rubber bottom with the classic Tom style. LOVE|








Accessories for fall are my favorite. Cozy scarves are my staple, neutrals or plaid. This herringbone pattern is such a classic and can be worn with so many outfits. I also love a good plaid! 



 Chunky knee socks are another staple for my fall and winter wardrobe. You can wear them under your boots with a skirt, dress, even leggings or jeans. I usually get a couple new pairs every year and if the quality is good they last me more than one season. 







Last but not least on my must haves is a good bag and in my situation I need a diaper bag. Mom life! This one from Citi Babies is gorgeous and totally functional, not to mention comfortable. Mine isn't this exact color but very close. Perfect for all seasons but my favorite for fall. 








Thanks for reading my favorites for fall!! Check back for a styling post here soon!




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