Our Favorite Montessori Toys - 1 Year Old

Friday, September 28, 2018


Happy Friday friends! Now that Fletcher is 13 months old I thought it would be a nice time to share our favorite toys. I have gone for more of a Montessori approach and I can see how much he is learning every day. I love to see him learn through play and thats why I love Montessori. 


Something that is important to me is not having more toys than Fletcher needs. I try to keep most of his toys better quality so that he can use them for years to come and we can pass them down. I've discovered a few small businesses that I love as well as a few toys that were gifts or from tjmaxx. I avoid plastic as much as possible too. 




I'll begin with these blocks from Little Sapling Toys because they were Fletcher's first favorite. I chose this set because he can use them for years. We stack them and build towers but later on we can use them as a learning tool. Plus they are gorgeous and such good quality! 



Fletcher loves to play ball. He loves when you sit across from him and catch what he throws. It's the cutest! His favorite balls were our wool dryer balls. He would steal them constantly from our laundry room so I decided to buy him his own. I found these rainbow ones on amazon and he loves them! The colors are so vibrant and pretty. I use these and a basket for him to put in and out of the basket. It's a simple little task that I feel like has helped him move onto other more challenging toys. 





A big favorite of Fletcher's is this set he got for his birthday. It included a shape sorter/ball thing and a xylophone. We have started a little collection of musical instruments for him and he loves playing his xylophone! Such an awesome toy that can be used for multiple things.



This next toy we discovered from another IG mama and I am sooo glad we did! He loves it and will spend such a long time putting the pegs into the holes and then out/back in again. Totally recommend! 


Another toy we love from Little Sapling Toys is this adorable mailbox I got for him a few months ago during a sale. He has finally understood the concept and is obsessed with it! The wooden envelopes are the cutest and it's such good quality. 


The last toy that Fletcher has been loving is this rainbow stacker from Melissa and Doug. He loves to take it a part just like his blocks. We are still working on putting the rings back on but I know thats soon to come! You can find these at quite a few places but tjmaxx for such a great price and I love that it's wooden. 




Thanks so much for reading! I'll see you back here next week :) 





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