4 Gift Rule 2018

Thursday, November 29, 2018




Hi friends! Last year as some of you know I did a post on why I chose to do the “4 Gift Rule” for Fletcher.  If you haven’t gotten to read that I will link it here for you. In addition to the 4 gifts he receives a stocking with a couple practical items. 


When I saw that one of my favorite shops came out with these gift tags for the 4 gift rule I knew I had to reach out and collaborate. They are beautiful, timeless, and something I know we will use for years to come with Fletcher. 


For this post I thought I could share with you what we got for him for each tag. Maybe it can inspire you if you’re not sure what to get your little one this Christmas season. 






This was honestly the hardest category for me this year. He’s only 15 months old so it’s not like he can really tell me what he wants. He’s not the biggest toy lover but the toys I do notice him playing with are Montessori style and things with wheels. It took me a while but I chose this magnetic block train set from Tegu. They have lots of other sets that can interchange with this one which makes it nice and I know over the years he can continue to use it. 






This category was definitely the easiest for me. We just moved to our new house and I noticed how little his bowl and plate stash was. I had been wanting to get him these Avanchy ones for about a year. When they had their Black Friday sale I finally took the plunge and stocked up. We have more than enough now and we can continue to use them for a long time! 






This category can be endless. Last year I chose a blanket. This year I chose these beautiful bibs from Gathre. I got him a high chair mat when we moved and the thought for some new bibs just popped into my head. The vegan leather is incredible quality and something that he can continue to wear. Doesn’t hurt that it’s beautiful too ;).







Okay, so last category. This one was hard for me because I love to buy him books. To just choose one was probably what made it so hard. This book Tails had been in my Amazon shopping cart for a long time and I forgot about it. When I saw it I knew I had to get it for him. He’s very into animals right now and I think it’s going to be perfect! I love all the interacting pages. 





I hope you enjoyed reading what I’m gifting our little guy this year and I hope it inspired you! I love to hear what you're gifting your little ones if you want to comment them below! 










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