A Look Around- Christmas Decor Edition

Friday, December 21, 2018

A Look Around ...


Welcome back to my blog! This week I thought i'd post something that I enjoy seeing myself. I love seeing other people's decor and especially how they decorate for Christmas. I guess you could say I'm a nosey person lol. 


I got a real tree this year guys! I cannot tell you how excited I am that my husband finally caved and let us begin our tree cutting experience together as a family! 


This year I went with a very simple and natural look. We have about 90% of the work completed inside of our home but the outside will begin in the spring. I can't wait to be able to decorate next year once it's completed. I want lights outside and everything! 



The stockings below are from West Elm and I love how simple and clean they are. They can go with just about any theme! My wreathe and garland I made myself using some artificial pine, dried eucalyptus, and a cheap grapevine wreathe. Super easy and inexpensive!
























The silver Christmas tree sitting on Fletcher's toy shelf is from Home-goods last year. I went with this tree printed wrapping paper and the rest of the presents I have to wrap will be done in simple brown paper and twine. 



 This little book shelf from Ikea (shown in previous blog posts) I have displayed a few Christmas related board books. Obviously they don't stay displayed all the time but Fletcher loves to look at books. Especially the ones that have textures on the pages. 'That's not my self.." is such a cute one.  



Last but not least I decorated my kitchen a little and LOVE the outcome! All of the orange drying was a learning process for me (mostly patience haha) but it was totally worth it. I love simple and pretty it is. 


Kitchen is almost done! Still needs the subway tile backsplash which I am so excited to do after the New Year :) 



 Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I will have another fun post up next week so stay tuned for that! Enjoy this crazy but beautiful time of year! 






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