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Friday, January 11, 2019

With the New Year I decided to recharge and take control of the things I feel I needed in my life. Sounds a bit cheesy but I really do think it provides a fresh start. After my miscarriage I felt myself going down the rabbit hole as I like to call it. Something clicked and I decided a few things for myself. I was going to start that new diet I've been too afraid to try. I was going to organize things that i've been putting off. I was going to start some better habits for myself. Because lets face it, I get way too comfortable and can be..well lazy. 


These are the things that I decided to change. I hope this can inspire you to do the things you've been wanting to do. Whatever that is, it  doesn't have to be these specific things I just find it so inspirational to read these types of posts. 



start eating healthier

So many people change their eating habits in the New Year. I used to think it was just overrated and never really tried or committed to anything. I knew several people who tried a keto diet last year and had success with it. I kept putting it off and decided I would try it after the holidays. Fun fact, another reason I wanted to give keto a try was because I heard it was successful with PCOS and fertility. I have no set goal as to how long I will do keto. I am aiming for a month. If I enjoy it I will continue to stay on it as long as I feel comfortable. 



drinking water first thing in the morning 

I've been drinking anywhere from 12-24oz of warm water before eating anything in the morning. Not only is it great for your digestion, this starts me out on such a healthier note and I end up drinking more water during the day. On a keto diet you need to replenish your electrolytes as much as possible, especially in the beginning.


stop snacking late 

Stop eating before 8pm. This was a big problem for me before. I would stay up too late and snack because I'm a big snacker and prefer them over meals most of the time. The last 10 days I've been good about not eating past 7 or 8 and it's not even an issue because I make sure dinner has the right macros and keeps me full for longer. 


UPDATE: I am officially a week and a half on the keto diet and already am noticing good things. I lost over 3 pounds, feel less bloated, have more energy and am just happier over all. I'll definitely keep you posted! 



stay organized

This is for my household in general. I want to keep up with putting my laundry away (sounds so silly to type it out). Its a huge fault of mine and if I get behind then I avoid it all together. I'm making sure I do the laundry when I have the time to put it all away so it doesn't live in the basket. This also means keeping my cabinets organized and having a place for everything in the house. 


have a set cleaning schedule

I want to make sure I use my new Roomba everyday/every other day and steam mop 1-2 times a week. I don't want to stop using my new cleaning gifts after the exciting feeling wears off. I'm going to aim to do the dishes every single day so they aren't sitting in the sink. Waking up to a clean kitchen is an awesome feeling. Simple things like that will keep me from living in a disaster. Although kids can undo your cleaning pretty quickly lol.


reduce plastic waste

I was doing so well with this before we moved. Then we didn't have a kitchen for a while and that went on hold. Now I'm stuck on bad habits and need to make changes. I want to stop using as much plastic as I can. If I go to the coffee shop I will just use their mug if I choose to drink it there, or i'll bring my own cup to take it to go. I don't plan using plastic wrap and using my bees wraps instead. Continue using our glass tupperware so it's better for our bodies as well as the environment. I need to stop buying so many things that have plastic packaging as well. Remembering to bring my own bags to the grocery store, I have been forgetting those constantly. 


go to sleep early 

Obviously this isn't going to always be perfect but I am trying to put in better effort to sleep earlier than I used to. I used to go to sleep around midnight sometimes later and I noticed I was so tired in the morning and during the day. This past week I have been asleep before 10 and that has made a huge difference.


start oil pulling

This one may sound a little strange to some of you. I used to do this but not really on a consistent basis. I decided with the new year that I want to oil pull at least 3-4 times a week. If you don't know what oil pulling is I will link a helpful site here.  


You just take a tablespoon of coconut oil (make sure its not refined) and swish it in your mouth for about 10-30 minutes. This has so many benefits but I've read recently that it can help rid your body of toxins and stabilize your hormones. This is so important to me right now. It also helps with so many dental issues such as preventing cavities, whitening, sensitivity, gum issues etc. 


reading labels

My last major goal is to use beauty products and household products that are more natural. I have aimed to do this for the last few years but sometimes I don't read the labels like I should. I assume things are toxin free when they aren't and regret buying them. I need to be better about reading things and the fine print. Companies are very good at green washing! 



Well that is all for goals and better habits that I plan for in 2019! I hope you all continue to reach your goals :) Head on over to my Instagram for small updates on how mine are going! 













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