Fletcher's Room

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Hi everyone! I had planned on doing this eventually but when I posted a little sneak peek of Fletcher's room the other day I had requests to see more. Well ask and you shall receive! 


It's not completely finished because we still need to do a rug but I figured I will do all of that when he gets his toddler bed in the next several months. Not rushing it though!




Fletcher's room is about 99% Ikea and the rest I will try to mention where I got it. This simple circle mirror I purchased when I was pregnant with Fletcher and isn't sold anymore but you could probably find one similar at Target or home goods. I have it beside this Ikea shelf that I absolutely love. It is so simple but there's something I love about it. I keep his name sign that I got from a local designer. It's made of metal and it's one of my favorite things in his room.

 My husband has a huge passion for fishing so when I was pregnant and designing Fletcher's nursery at our old house I knew I wanted to add some small touches. I found this little fish planter at Target (again no longer sold), a beautiful water color rainbow trout above his crib, and a print that hangs on his coat hanger. 

 You guessed it, the dresser is from Ikea and is super cheap! I added little gold knobs and I think it turned out super cute. We don't have a ton of clothes for Fletcher because I like to purchase more mindful pieces that will work with each other. It just works well for us and theres less clutter. 



 This little book shelf is from Ikea and I try to display whatever holiday is coming up in books. Although we have a late Easter this year I thought it would be cute to put all of the Easter books on display to escape the snow that just doesn't want to stop. Most of them were gifts or purchased on amazon. His book shelves are actually spice racks from Ikea and are super affordable. Love the look of them!

 This is the rainbow trout that I purchased through Etsy. It's so beautiful and still so simple which I love. This coat rack is from amazon and the baskets are from Target. I have them for his dirty laundry and it works perfectly!

This is an unclose of the print. Gives a cool vintage vibe! Also have a tapestry from Hobby Lobby hanging. 



These cute little animals are from Jelly Cat and the lamb is Cuddle and Kind.  Here's a little peek at his closet. I have plastic storage bins that fit perfectly in the bottom and then I keep baskets on the top with sentimental things. 


I hope you enjoyed looking around Fletcher's room! I'm sure ill do an updated post when he gets his big boy bed! I have another blog post scheduled this week so ill see you there!






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