Kitchen Remodel Ft. Smart Tiles

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Hi guys! As some of you know we bought our first home last October. We chose a fixer upper in a beautiful location knowing we would have to completely remodel the kitchen and various things. I fell in love with its midcentury charm and knew we could modernize it and make it ours with lots of hard work. My husband completed a majority of it before we moved in at the end of November but we finished the last couple touches this past week and it feels so good to be done! 





We took out the wall that separated the kitchen from the dining room and made the space into one big room. This made a huge difference! My husband installed the cabinets, counters, new tile floors, and light fixture before moving in. We also purchased new appliances as well. A few months later the last two things we had been putting off were the trim and the backsplash. When a friend of mine did some work on her kitchen she used a company called Smart Tiles. At first I thought she got tile and grout but was surprised to find out that she used stick on tiles. They looked SO good! 


I knew I had to work with this company and i'm so glad we did! In just one evening my husband installed our backsplash and it looks amazing. It completed the look I was going for and i'm so happy with it! I chose the Oslo White and I think it adds such a clean and modern look to the space. 


I took a couple shots of my husband installing it. He said it was fairly easy to apply and liked that he could use a razor to cut the tiles. His only complaint was that our walls were not perfect so around the outlets there was a little bit of bubbling. We had planned on originally tiling and grouting so we didn't fill them in perfectly thanks to the awful fake brick that we had to remove. Had we known we were using stick on tiles we could have made them a tad more smooth before installing cabinets and counters. It's honestly not noticeable though! I'm seriously blown away with how real it looks!




One thing we decided to do to save money was to have some open shelving by the window instead of adding more cabinets. This opened up the space, saved money, and I love the look. We bought some wood from Home Depot, cut it, painted it and sat it on top of these industrial style brackets that we purchased from Amazon. I love to add little plants/decor and have a place for all my coffee things.


 I knew I wanted to a big sink so we decided on this stainless one from Amazon along with the spray handle faucet from Lowes. In case you're wondering what is on my window seal it is pepper seeds i'm drying for my little garden lol.



I thought i'd show a little on the decor details. I love using glass jars vs. plastic for many reasons (environment, health, looks etc.) and these ones I got from Target. I also have bunch of these spring jars that I got from Walmart in my cabinets for various things but I keep one on my counter to store my used coffee grinds. These are great for gardens. 


Also attempting to keep these little succulents alive. I have to repot them which is always where I go wrong so wish me luck! :P




This new kitchen of ours really forced us to become a bit more organized and only keep the things we really used. We had a much bigger kitchen at our last house so we had to downsize a lot. I've kept most of my cabinets this way which is a big deal for me. It's so easy for things to get messed up and not keep up with but having a space for everything really helped me maintain the organization. I wont bore you with showing you every cabinet or drawer but I thought id show some of my favorites.


To add some extra storage we decided to reconfigure the layout of the kitchen. We tore down a little island that was here and put the fridge in its place with some cabinets around it. This has added so much extra storage for us and i'm really glad we went with this concept. 



Opening up the dining room for a eat in kitchen was the biggest difference as I mentioned before. It feels so much more open without the wall that was there before.



 Thank you so much for reading this post and sticking around through our remodeling/house ownership journey! It has been so fun and rewarding!




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